Supreme 1500T Tandem Axle, Triple Auger


The 1500TR Pull-Type has a maximum payload of 50,000* lbs (22,680* kg), struck capacity of 1,192 ft³ (33.8 m³) or 1,356 ft³ (38.4 m³) with tub extension, and requires 200 horse power (149 kW).

A Supreme Feed Processor helps you provide nutritious rations for your cattle by improved mix quality through superior tub and auger design. Along with great ROI from your feedstuffs, a Supreme Feed Processor provides a great investment as it holds high resale value. You enjoy the reliability you need from a well-built machine made with quality components

Unlike most other vertical mixers that use smaller single stage planetary drives, Supreme uses the heaviest two-stage planetary drive available. Combined with a heavy duty gearbox, this robust system rotates the auger through the toughest of materials. This simple design features few moving parts with no chains, sprockets or counter-shafts to worry about. Each Supreme pull type is built to order with a large variety of options available, ensuring each customer gets a unit that is designed to meet their specific needs.

Minimum Power Requirements: 200 hp / 149 kW
Unit Capacity: Struck Capacity: 1,192 ft³ / 33.8 m³, Capacity with Extension: 1,356 ft³ / 38.4 m³
Tires: 275/70R 22.5 Truck Tires with Budd Wheels and HD Axle
Empty Weight: 32,421 lbs / 14,706 kg
Max Payload: 50,000* lbs / 22,680* kg *Dependent on tire option selected
Dimensions: Height: 131″ / 333 cm, Height w/ 10″ Extension: 141″ / 358 cm, Overall Width: 121″ / 307 cm, Overall Length : 356″ / 904 cm
Drive / rpm PTO: (3) 2 Stage HD Planetary Drives / 1000 rpm PTO
Standard Discharge Ground Clearance: Flat: 38″ / 97 cm, Dogleg: 52″ / 132 cm, Ext. Dogleg: 63″ / 160 cm, 42″ Folding: 61″ / 155 cm, 54″ Folding: 68″ / 173 cm, Side Door Fixed Chute: 29″ / 74 cm
Number of Knives : (15) Replaceable Forage Cutting Blades
Conveyor: Front Center Door with 10’ Flat Conveyor
Floor Thickness: 1” / 25 mm M/S Floor
Wall Thickness: 5/16” / 8 mm AR200 Walls
Standards Specifications: Three Patented Freestanding Vertical Cutting Augers, Heavy-Duty Tubular Steel Frame, 5/8” / 16 mm AR200 Auger Flighting, Ultra Wear Kicker Plates, Removable Heavy Duty Hitch Jack, 6 pt Scale System, Articulating Hitch, Stainless Steel Auger Outer Edge, Independent Steel Oil Reservoirs, Viewing Platform