Supreme 400 Single Auger


A Supreme Feed Processor helps you provide nutritious rations for your cattle by improved mix quality through superior tub and auger design. Along with great ROI from your feedstuffs, a Supreme Feed Processor provides a great investment as it holds high resale value. You enjoy the reliability you need from a well-built machine made with quality components

The 400 Pull-Type has a maximum payload of 10,000 lbs (4,536kg), struck capacity of 320 ft³ (9.1 m³) or 378 ft³ (10.7 m³) with tub extension, and requires 60 horse power (45 kW).

Unlike most other vertical mixers that use smaller single stage planetary drives, Supreme uses the heaviest two-stage planetary drive available. Combined with a heavy duty gearbox, this robust system rotates the auger through the toughest of materials. This simple design features few moving parts with no chains, sprockets or countershafts to worry about. Each Supreme pull type is built to order with a large variety of options available, ensuring each customer gets a unit that is designed to meet their specific needs.


Minimum Power Requirements: 60 hp / 45 kW
Unit Capacity: Struck Capacity: 320 ft³ / 9.1 m³, Capacity with Extension: 378 ft³ / 10.7 m³
Tires: 19 x 45 x 17 Flotation Implement Tires
Empty Weight: 6,400 lbs / 2,903 kg
Max Payload: 10,000 lbs / 4,536 kg
Dimensions: Height: 102″ / 259 cm, Height w/ 10″ Extension: 112″ / 284 cm, Overall Width: 109″ / 277 cm, Overall Length : 177″ / 450 cm
Drive / rpm PTO: 2-Stage Heavy-Duty Planetary Drive / 540 rpm PTO
Standard Discharge Ground Clearance: Fixed Chute: 26″ / 66 cm, 21″ Fixed; 35″ / 89 cm, 36″ Folding: 42″ / 107 cm, 44″ Folding: 45″ / 114 cm
Number of Knives : 4 Replaceable Forage Cutting Blades
Conveyor: Left or Right Hand Side Door with Drop Chute
Floor Thickness: 5/8″ / 16 mm M/S Floor
Wall Thickness: 1/4” / 6 mm AR200 Walls
Standards Specifications: Patented Freestanding Vertical Mixing Auger, Manual Restrictor Plates, Heavy-Duty Tubular Steel Frame, 5/8” / 16 mm AR200 Auger Flighting, 3 pt Scale System, 12 Volt Battery, Ultra Wear Kicker Plate, SS Conveyor Top Pan on Conveyor Models, Steel Oil Reservoir, Removable Hitch Jack, Viewing Platform