T-Rex Square Bale Feeder



TREX Bale Shredder — Australian Made – Built To LAST!

Available as a 4 hose machine or 2 hose machine with diverter valve

  • Will feed out any large or square bales of hay or silage
  • Strong Rear Self Loading With 3 x Bale Tines
  • Polyurethane wheel guards, which tip up at second stage to prevent hay build up
  • High tensile spikes hinged at base
  • Adjustable tow hitch to suit all tractors, parking jack with geared head
  • Recycle bin for used baling twine, net and silage wrap
  • Low centre of gravity with extra wide axle
  • Simple positive loading with square edge tires for side grip
  • Breaks biscuits apart and feeds out in windrows
  • Separate hydraulically driven beater bars
  • It will feed out any size round and square bales in both hay and silage
  • Will feed into feed pads or into a windrow over fences along you tracks or paddocks
  • Being a smaill unit it is easier to use on your feed pads than the large silage wagons
  • Will fit through 10ft gateways
  • The T-Rex will also take up to 4.5 Square mtrs of pit silage with optional rear backing plate

Optional Extras
– Flotation Tires
– Rear Light Kit (Indicators/brakes)
– Swivel Hitch On Drawbar
– Pit Silage Rear Backing Plate